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[May 2018] 100% Pass Lead2pass 100-105 New Questions Free Version 553q - Latest Dumps PDF Free Download In Lead2pass

[May 2018] 100% Pass Lead2pass 100-105 New Questions Free Version 553q

100% Valid Lead2pass Cisco 100-105 New Questions Free Version:


Which one of the following IP addresses is the last valid host in the subnet using mask


Answer: B
With the 224 there are 8 networks with increments of 32 One of these is 32 33 62 63 where 63 is broadcast so 62 is last valid host out of given choices.

An administrator is in the process of changing the configuration of a router. What command will allow the administrator to check the changes that have been made prior to saving the new configuration?

A.    Router# show startup-config
B.    Router# show current-config
C.    Router# show running-config
D.    Router# show memory
E.    Router# show flash
F.    Router# show processes

Answer: C
This command followed by the appropriate parameter will show the running config hence the admin will be able to see what changes have been made, and then they can be saved.

Which statements accurately describe CDP? (Choose three.)

A.    CDP is an IEEE standard protocol.
B.    CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
C.    CDP is a datalink layer protocol.
D.    CDP is a network layer protocol.
E.    CDP can discover directly connected neighboring Cisco devices.
F.    CDP can discover Cisco devices that are not directly connected.

Answer: BCE
CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) is a proprietary protocol designed by Cisco to help administrators collect information about both locally attached and remote devices. By using CDP, you can gather hardware and protocol information about neighbor devices containing useful info for troubleshooting and documenting the network.

On a live network, which commands will verify the operational status of router interfaces? (Choose two.)

A.    Router# show interfaces
B.    Router# show ip protocols
C.    Router# debug interface
D.    Router# show ip interface brief
E.    Router# show start

Answer: AD
Both these commands will show the current status of the interfaces, either in show or debug mode both will display the information.

Which router command will configure an interface with the IP address

A.    router(config-if)# ip address
B.    router(config-if)# ip address
C.    router(config-if)# ip address
D.    router(config-if)# ip address
E.    router(config-if)# ip address
F.    router(config-if)# ip address

Answer: D
255.255.224 equal /19 in CIDR format hence the answer

Refer to the exhibit. If CDP is enabled on all devices and interfaces, which devices will appear in the output of a show cdp neighbors command issued from R2?


A.    R2 and R3
B.    R1 and R3
C.    R3 and S2
D.    R1, S1, S2, and R3
E.    R1, S1, S2, R3, and S3

Answer: C
A Cisco device enabled with CDP sends out periodic interface updates to a multicast address in order to make itself known to neighbors. Since it is a layer two protocol, these packets are not routed. So the devices detected would be immediate connected neighbors.

Refer to the exhibit. The two routers have had their startup configurations cleared and have been restarted. At a minimum, what must the administrator do to enable CDP to exchange information between R1 and R2?


A.    Configure the router with the cdp enable command.
B.    Enter no shutdown commands on the R1 and R2 fa0/1 interfaces.
C.    Configure IP addressing and no shutdown commands on both the R1 and R2 fa0/1 interfaces.
D.    Configure IP addressing and no shutdown commands on either of the R1 or R2 fa0/1 interfaces.

Answer: B
If the shut down commands are not entered, then CDP can exchange information between the two routers, else it would fail.

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is testing connectivity from the branch router to the newly installed application server. What is the most likely reason for the first ping having a success rate of only 60 percent?


A.    The network is likely to be congested, with the result that packets are being intermittently dropped.
B.    The branch router had to resolve the application server MAC address.
C.    There is a short delay while NAT translates the server IP address.
D.    A routing table lookup delayed forwarding on the first two ping packets.
E.    The branch router LAN interface should be upgraded to FastEthernet.

Answer: B
Initially the MAC address had to be resolved, but later on it was confirmed to ping went straight away

What two things does a router do when it forwards a packet? (Choose two.)

A.    switches the packet to the appropriate outgoing interfaces
B.    computes the destination host address
C.    determines the next hop on the path
D.    updates the destination IP address
E.    forwards ARP requests

Answer: AC
Without following these two processes namely switching the packet to appropriate interface and telling the packet where to go by providing it with a destination IP address, the purpose of the same would not be solved.

Which two of these functions do routers perform on packets? (Choose two.)

A.    examine the Layer 2 headers of inbound packets and use that information to determine the next
hops for the packets
B.    update the Layer 2 headers of outbound packets with the MAC addresses of the next hops
C.    examine the Layer 3 headers of inbound packets and use that information to determine the next
hops for the packets
D.    examine the Layer 3 headers of inbound packets and use that information to determine the complete
paths along which the packets will be routed to their ultimate destinations
E.    update the Layer 3 headers of outbound packets so that the packets are properly directed to valid
next hops
F.    update the Layer 3 headers of outbound packets so that the packets are properly directed to their
ultimate destinations

Answer: BC
This is the basic function of the router to receive incoming packets and then forward them to their required destination. This is done by reading layer 3 headers of inbound packets and update the info to layer 2 for further hopping.

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