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[Lead2pass New] Lead2pass Offering New 220-901 Exam PDF And 220-901 Exam VCE Dumps For Free Downloading (226-250) - Latest Dumps PDF Free Download In Lead2pass

[Lead2pass New] Lead2pass Offering New 220-901 Exam PDF And 220-901 Exam VCE Dumps For Free Downloading (226-250)

Lead2pass 2017 August New CompTIA 220-901 Exam Dumps!

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A technician has installed a new motherboard in a workstation, but after hardware tests, the motherboard has failed. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST before replacing the motherboard?

A.    Reseat all power connections.
B.    Remove the CMOS battery.
C.    Install the graphics card.
D.    Ground to the case.

Answer: D

Which of the following wireless networking standards can operate at two different frequencies simultaneously?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11b
C.    802.11g
D.    802.11n

Answer: D

A user reports that when printing to the laser printer there is a constant blank spot on every page. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to resolve the issue?

A.    Replace the toner cartridges.
B.    Use compressed air to clean out any debris.
C.    Reset the printer to factory defaults.
D.    Reinstall the printer drivers on the user’s workstation.

Answer: B

Which of the following represents fan connector sizes on a motherboard?

A.    1-pin and 2-pin
B.    1-pin and 3-pin
C.    2-pin and 3-pin
D.    2-pin and 5-pin

Answer: C

A technician is examining a UTP cable and notices that pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 are not the same on both ends of the cable. Which of the following is the type of cable the technician has?

A.    Coaxial cable
B.    Cross over cable
C.    Patch cable
D.    Plenum cable

Answer: B

A customer had a small electrical fire in one of their older home computers but it was easily put out because there was a box of baking soda in the kitchen. In the future the customer wants to be better prepared. The customer contacts the technician for the right fire extinguisher. Which of the following should be recommended? (Select TWO).

A.    Class K extinguisher
B.    Bigger box of baking soda
C.    Class ABC extinguisher
D.    Class B extinguisher
E.    Class C extinguisher

Answer: CE

Upon entering a computer room, a technician is shocked by a static electricity discharge when touching one of the computers. Which of the following environmental controls should be adjusted so that technicians will not be shocked in the future?

A.    The temperature must be increased.
B.    The humidity level must be decreased.
C.    The temperature must be decreased.
D.    The humidity level must be increased.

Answer: D

Which of the following is TRUE of RAMBUS memory in Pentium 4 era PCs?

A.    All unused RAMBUS slots need to be filled with CRIMM dummy chips.
B.    RAMBUS chips can be mixed and matched for numerous sizes and speeds in a given system.
C.    RAMBUS memory provides more throughput and maximum speed than DDR3.
D.    RAMBUS slots are backwards compatible with DDR1 memory.

Answer: A

Small form factor PCs that utilize full-height PCI and PCI-Express cards need which of the following supplementary items to allow for proper installation?

A.    FireWire cards
B.    Riser cards
C.    Storage cards
D.    Network cards

Answer: B

Which of the following is a clear characteristic of an IPv6 Internet address?

A.    32 bit length
B.    APIPA compatibility
C.    128 bit length
D.    64 bit length

Answer: C

The term “WAN” is commonly used when describing which of the following networks?

A.    Mesh
B.    Local Wi-Fi network
C.    Internet
D.    Ad hoc Wi-Fi network

Answer: C

Which of the following is BEST used for fire safety to prevent toxic fumes during a fire?

A.    Multi-mode cables
B.    Single-mode cable
C.    PVC cables
D.    Plenum cables

Answer: D

Which of the following devices forwards any packet to all ports regardless of the packet address?

A.    Bridge
B.    Hub
C.    Router
D.    Switch

Answer: B

Which of the following appliances can function as a connection point between network devices as well as provide access to the Internet?

A.    Hub
B.    Router
C.    Bridge
D.    Switch

Answer: B

Which of the following laptop hardware would be the LEAST likely to be replaced?

A.    CPU
B.    Display screen
C.    RAM
D.    Hard drive

Answer: A

Which of the following ports is associated with HTTPS?

A.    53
B.    80
C.    443
D.    3389

Answer: C

How should a technician respond in a situation where a user is very upset about a repeated problem?

A.    Be nice and inform the user that they are committed to try to fix the problem.
B.    Ask how the user’s family is doing and other current affairs to create a calm atmosphere.
C.    Be courteous and assure the user that they will take responsibility for the resolution.
D.    Greet the user in a friendly manner and assure the user that they will fix all of the problems the user
has caused.

Answer: C

A building has five rooms each with their own switch. All network packets from each room pass through room five’s switch prior to reaching any PC or the Internet. Which of the following LAN topologies is being used at this company?

A.    Mesh
B.    Star
C.    Bus
D.    Hybrid

Answer: B

A customer needs 4 new systems for their engineering design department. Which of the following options would BEST satisfy the client’s requirements? (Select TWO).

A.    USB 3.0
B.    DVI output
C.    Thin client
D.    Workstation
E.    Fast Ethernet

Answer: BD

A technician has been dispatched to install a maintenance kit in a laser printer. Which of the following components should the technician avoid touching when performing the installation?

A.    Fuser housing
B.    Transfer roller
C.    Pickup roller
D.    Toner cartridge

Answer: B

Which of the following is a type of Fiber connector?

A.    RJ-45
B.    BNC
C.    F-Connector
D.    ST

Answer: D

Which of the following socket types supports an Intel iCore second generation processor?

A.    775
B.    1155
C.    1156
D.    1366

Answer: B

A printer using multi-part forms has just had the ribbon replaced. After running a print job, the end user reports that the print is not visible on the third and fourth copies of the form. Which of the following will correct the issue?

A.    Decrease the character per minute rate
B.    Increase the platen gap
C.    Increase the character per minute rate
D.    Decrease the platen gap

Answer: D

Which of the following describes a Class A IP address?

A.    The last octet is between 1 and 128 with a subnet mask of
B.    The first octet is between 1 and 128 with a subnet mask of
C.    The first octet is between 1 and 128 with a subnet mask of
D.    The last octet is between 1 and 128 with a subnet mask of

Answer: C

Which of the following is the valid port for remote desktop protocol?

A.    110
B.    443
C.    3389
D.    8080

Answer: C

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