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A.    IP DampeningB.    UDLDC.    BFDD.    NSFE.    MPLS TEAnswer: C QUESTION 422Which open source cloud computing platform uses the neutron project as a networking as a service between devices like cisco nexus, cisco APIC cisco CSR 1000v and cisco UCS? A.    OpenStackB.    OpendaylightC.    AnsibleD.    Cisco UCS Director Answer: A QUESTION 423Which controller uses policy-based application profile? A.    cisco open SDN controllerB.    openflow controlC.    cisco ucs directorD.    openstackE.    cisco APIC Answer: E QUESTION 424Which feature allows an MPLS TE Tunnel to be used by an IGP at the headend of the tunnel: A.    MPLS TE link managementB.    MPLS TE auto-route announceC.    generalized MPLSD.    MPLS TE Forwarding AdjacencyE.    Differentiated Service TE Answer: B QUESTION 425Which option describes a service/network (forget between network or service) function as defined in SDN? A.    a virtual serverB.    a virtual deviceC.    a virtual chainD.    a virtual network function Answer: D QUESTION 426Which solution meets these requirements: - prevent multicast transit- reduce overall processing of pim controll- protect against multicast spoofing A.    PIM allow RPB.    explicit tracking of receiversC.    multicast stub routingD.    source specific multicast Answer: CExplanation: stub routing can be used for the following purposes:- To prevent multicast transit when it is enforced by unicast stub routing.- To eliminate periodic flooding and pruning of dense mode traffic on low bandwidth links.- To reduce overall processing of Protocol Indendent Multicast (PIM) control traffic; and protect against multicast spoofing of PIM Designated Router (DR) messages and PIM assert messages. QUESTION 427Which two components are shared among SDR: A.    forwarding engineB.    fansC.    memoryD.    cpuE.    fabric Answer: BE QUESTION 428Which statement about the Cisco Intercloud Fabric is true? A.    it provides a Layer2 extension of an enterprise network into the public cloudB.    it dynamically establishes adjacencies between cisco intercloud Switch VMsC.    it provides a virtual storage space for VMs inside of public cloudD.    it facilitates encrypted communications between VMs inside private cloud Answer: A QUESTION 429A service provider has a requirement to prevent spoofing attacks by verifying the reachability of the sources address in a packet that is forwarded into its network. Which method must be the service provider use? A.    CoPPB.    iACLC.    uRPFD.    RTBH Answer: C QUESTION 430A Service provider is working to develop evolving security toolset in regard to increasing amount of attack in which scenario of Backscatter Traceback solution recommend: A.    Network attack tcp/udp scanB.    ping of deathC.    rogue dns/dhcp serverD.    DDoS Answer: D QUESTION 431Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the MPLS AToM header fields on the left on the correct order from the top(inner) to the bottom(outer)   Answer:   QUESTION 432Which description of the Russian Doll Model is true? A.    RDM provides bandwidth sharing while providing bandwidth isolation and protection against QoS degradation, and also provides service differentiation for high-priority, normal- priority and best-effort priority servicesB.    RDM matches simple bandwidth control policies setting individual bandwidth constraint for a given class type and simultaneously limit the aggregate of reserved bandwidth across all class typesC.    RDM can be used simultaneously to ensure bandwidth efficiency and to protect against QoS degradation of all class types, whether preemption is used or notD.    RDM guarantees a predefined amount of bandwidth for each type and at the same time allows the bandwidth sharing by defining two pools for every class type: private pool (guaranteed bandwidth) and common pool (bandwidth shared between all class types) Answer: C QUESTION 433Which cisco IOS XR feature define route strategies: A.    RPL policy.B.    Route MapC.    Service Policy Answer: A QUESTION 434Which option is the minimum MTU of a link to form a full IS-IS adjacency successfully? A.    4096 bytesB.    1500 bytesC.    1492 bytesD.    1460 bytes Answer: C QUESTION 435What is the main goal of incident management? A.    ensure the same incident doesn't recurB.    enable the customer to report issueC.    restore a normal service operation as quick as possibleD.    create possible workaround for issue that might recur Answer: CExplanation:Incident management (ITSM) ... The first goal of the incident management process is to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained. QUESTION 436In the MVPN profile 3 ( Rosen GRE with BGP-AS), which information is included inside of the opaque value? A.    RD:S,GB.    Type 1-source-PE: Global-IDC.    Not applicable for this profileD.    Type 2- Root Address: VPN-ID; 0-n Answer: C QUESTION 437Which two steps take place in the BGP Link State architecture? (Choose two) A.    IGP is redistributed into BGP-LSB.    Advertise the BGP-LS NLRIs to the topology serverC.    IGP uses BGP LS data from remote peersD.    Enable access to the Adj-RIB-In (BGP raw format )of a peer border router or provider edge routerE.    BGP downloads the received BGP LS data to the IGP component on the router Answer: AB QUESTION 438Drag and Drop QuestionDND Multicast VPN, the steps on the left for how the P2MP TE traffic is forwarded across the network.   Answer:   QUESTION 439Drag and Drop QuestionDND L2VPN steps from inner header to outer header. Similar with PL, but in the PL was MPLS VPN instead of VC label.  Answer:   QUESTION 440Drag and Drop QuestionDND OSPF PE CE components   Answer: Latest 400-201 questions and answers from Cisco Exam Center offered by Lead2pass for free share now! 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