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[April 2018] Lead2pass 300-175 Exam Questions Free Download 276q - Latest Dumps PDF Free Download In Lead2pass

[April 2018] Lead2pass 300-175 Exam Questions Free Download 276q

Lead2pass 300-175 New Questions Free Download:


If there are four I/O module links from the Cisco Unified Computing System 5108 Blade Chassis to the Cisco Unified Computing System 6248UP Fabric Interconnect, which dynamic vNICs can be defined?

A.    9
B.    16
C.    24
D.    48
E.    54
F.    112

Answer: E

Which two of the listed BIOS options are required for VM-FEX in high performance mode? (Choose two.)

A.    RSS
B.    interrupt coherency
C.    virtualization technology
D.    cache validation
E.    ATS support

Answer: CE

When adding a VMware ESXi host to the Distributed Virtual Switch, what are two risks of migrating a VMNIC that is associated to vSwitch 0? (Choose two.)

A.    loss of access to the management IP interface
B.    duplicate IP address error
C.    duplicate MAC address error
D.    loss of VMware ESXi communication with VMware vCenter
E.    DVS port group will not appear in the VM network settings
F.    DVS port group will overwrite the port groups in vSwitch 0

Answer: AD

Which VMware ESXi 5.0 CLI command will validate PassThru interfaces when they are available?

A.    vem status -v
B.    vempassthru-v
C.    vemintf -v
D.    vemifconfig -v
E.    vempts -v

Answer: A

Which three items are supported operating systems of the Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough? (Choose three.)

A.    Oracle Solaris 11
B.    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0
C.    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP3
D.    Microsoft Windows Server 2008
E.    Ubuntu Server 12.2
F.    SLES 11

Answer: BDF

Which two VMware features must be turned off in the data center cluster for Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough to operate? (Choose two.)

A.    VMCI
B.    DRS
C.    FT
D.    HA
E.    vMotion

Answer: AC

Which two VMware features will not allow an adapter to transition from Cisco VM-FEX standard mode to universal passthrough mode? (Choose two.)

A.    VM Snapshot
B.    Volume Shadow Copy
C.    Storage vMotion
D.    HA
E.    Resource Reservations

Answer: AC

Which of the following is true concerning Fibre Channel communications on a Cisco Unified Computing System?

A.    Each VSAN requires a dedicated VLAN to carry FCoE traffic.
B.    FCoE VLANs are created like Ethernet VLANs on Cisco Unified Computing System Manager.
C.    FCoE VLANs may overlap with Ethernet VLANs.
D.    Cisco Unified Computing System Manager supports a maximum of 128 active VSANs.

Answer: A

Which of the following are true concerning authentication within a Cisco Unified Computing System?

A.    Authentication domains are used to leverage individual authentication systems.
B.    You can create up to 64 authentication domains, each associated with a provider group and realm in
Cisco Unified Computing System Manager.
C.    At login, the user can select the authentication domain to be used.
D.    Cisco Unified Computing System supports LDAP or RADIUS for remote authentication.
E.    A locally authenticated user account is authenticated directly through the fabric interconnect.

Answer: E

Which of the following scenarios accurately demonstrate how the Cisco Unified Computing System ensures that a firmware upgrade is minimally disruptive to the data center unified fabric?

A.    If an I/O module is upgraded to a version that is incompatible with its fabric interconnect, the fabric
interconnect can automatically reactivate the I/O module to a compatible version.
B.    If components like server BIOS, HBA, and RAID controller firmware are unsuccessfully updated through
direct firmware updates, the update process will fall back to a host firmware package that is associated
with the service profile.
C.    If an update of the subordinate fabric interconnect leaves it in a nonusable state, the primary fabric
interconnect will automatically be updated to ensure that one fabric interconnect is running the most
recent firmware.
D.    After Cisco Unified Computing System Manager upgrades the subordinate node, only then is the active
management node automatically synchronized.

Answer: A

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