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[2018-3-30] Free Download Of Lead2pass 642-887 Real Exam Questions (161-169) - Latest Dumps PDF Free Download In Lead2pass

[2018-3-30] Free Download Of Lead2pass 642-887 Real Exam Questions (161-169)

Ensure Pass 642-887 Exam By Training Lead2pass New PDF Dumps.v.2018-3-30.190q:


Which configuration set enables outbound label filtering so that only peer receives label advertisements in an MPLS environment?

A.     1611
B.     1612
C.     1613
D.     1614

Answer: C

Which high-availability feature does not require communication with other peers?

A.    rLFA
C.    Nonstop Routing
D.    NSF

Answer: A

Which driver uses an IntServ QoS model in an MPLS TE enabled service provider network?

A.    DSCP, which requires signaling across the provider network
B.    RSVP, which enables bandwidth guarantees across a provider network
C.    RSVP, which enables per-hop behavior across a provider network
D.    DSCP, which enables bandwidth guarantees across a provider network

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. MPLS TE Tunnel 138 has a headend R1 and a tailend R4, and uses path R1-R2-R4 as the primary LSP. The path R1-R2-R3-R4 should be implemented as a backup LSP in case the R2-R4 link fails. To which interface should the appropriate configuration be applied to accomplish this?


A.     1642
B.     1643
C.     1644
D.     1645

Answer: C

What is the function of MPLS FRR?

A.    automatically repairs LDP adjacency issues for MPLS TE tunnel endpoints
B.    automatically updates BGP prefixes during link failures
C.    automatically redirects MPLS TE traffic away from degraded links
D.    routes traffic onto a backup MPLS TE tunnel during link failures

Answer: D

An engineer must configure a policy on a Cisco IOS XE router that achieves the following:

Traffic 2 Mbps or less is transmitted
Traffic between 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps is marked with IP Precedence 4
Traffic that exceeds 3 Mbps is dropped

Which configuration achieves this policy?

A.     1661
B.     1662
C.     1663
D.     1664

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You are about to implement security features, including this configuration, within the MPLS network of a large MPLS service provider.
How does the router distribute the labels to its neighbors?


A.    All network labels are sent to all TDP neighbors
B.    All network labels are sent to all LDP neighbors
C.    All network labels are sent to all LDP neighbors
D.    All network labels are sent to all LDP and TDP neighbors

Answer: C

Which feature should you configure to enable routers to maintain MPLS label information despite link flaps on an interface?

A.    Targeted Adjacency
B.    IGP Synchronization
C.    MPLS LDP Session Protection
D.    NSR

Answer: C

Which option shows how a network engineer implements QPPB marking of incoming traffic on a router that is connected to a VoIP SP (AS62000, BGP community 60000:1) and to a data services service provider (AS61000, BGP community 61000:1) on Cisco IOS XE?

A.     1691
B.     1692
C.     1693
D.     1694

Answer: C

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