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[2016-New] Latest C_TAW12_740 Dumps PDF Free Download In GreatExam (31-40) - Latest Dumps PDF Free Download In Lead2pass

[2016-New] Latest C_TAW12_740 Dumps PDF Free Download In GreatExam (31-40)

2016 July SAP Official New Released C_TAW12_740 Q&As in GreatExam.com!

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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!)

Which of the following are valid combinations of event visibility and handler method visibility?

A.    Private event and private handler
B.    Public event and protected handler
C.    Protected event and public handler
D.    Private event and public handler

Answer: AB

You want to add a field of type CURR to a transparent table. What else must you do?

A.    Create a new field CUKY as a predefined type
B.    Add a key field of type CUKY
C.    Create a reference to a field of type CUKY
D.    Add a check table that contains a field of type CUKY

Answer: C

When are changes to the VB* tables transferred to the database?

A.    When the main program is executed
B.    When the enqueuer work process is executed
C.    When an update function module is executed
D.    When the update work process is executed

Answer: D

You want to create a transparent table in the ABAP dictionary. When is the table physically created in the database?

A.    When you activate the table
B.    When you run the database utility transaction (SE14)
C.    When you insert the table name ans select Create
D.    Whe you save the table

Answer: A

Using the system table what can you modify through a LOOP AT SCREEN … ENDLOOP construct?

A.    Values of screen elements
B.    Function codes of buttons
C.    Screen status
D.    Attributes of screen elements

Answer: D

You have created a Web Dynpro view that shows data for airline connection between cities. You want to display flight data for a specific date in a different view after the users selects a date and presses a button. Which of the following actions must you perform?

A.    Edit the handler method in the view controller
B.    Add a client-side event in the view
C.    Create and link plugs between the views
D.    Set the interface property for key fields

Answer: BC

What happens when an authorization check fails?

A.    The program is terminated.
B.    The system field SY-SUBRC is set to a value other than zero.
C.    A type E message is displayed.
D.    A CX_AUTH_FAILED type exception is raised.

Answer: B

You want to translate text in a Web Dynpro. From which should you inherit?


Answer: B

You have implemented a class CL_CUSTOMER in which you defined a private attribute. From where can you access this attribute directly? (Choose two)

A.    From all methods of all subclasses of CL_CUSTOMER
B.    From all methods of the class CL_CUSTOMER
C.    From all methods of a class to which CL_CUSTOMER grants friendship
D.    From any program using the class CL_CUSTOMER

Answer: BC

Which of the following tools belong to the ABAP Workbench? (Choose three)

A.    Form Builder
B.    Function Builder
C.    Screen Painter
D.    Class Builder
E.    Easy Access Menu

Answer: BCD

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