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Following questions and answers are all new published by Microsoft Official Exam Center: QUESTION 71You have two price lists described as shown in the following table.You create an opportunity that uses Pricelist1.The opportunity contains line items for Product 1 and Product 3. You add a write-in product named Product 5 that has a price of $8.You change the opportunity to use Pricelist 2, and then you add Product 2.You need to identify which products are listed in the opportunity.What should you identify? A.    Product 1 with a price of $15Product 2 with a price of $20Product 3 with a price of $10Product 5 with a price of $8B.    Product 1 with a Price of $15Product 2 with a price of $20Product 5 with a price of $8Product 3 removedC.    Product 1 with a price of $10Product 2 with a price of $20Product 3 with a price of $10Product 5 with a price of $8D.    Product 2 with a price of $20 Product 5 with a price of $8Product 1 and Product 3 removedAnswer: A QUESTION 72While at the airport, you meet the purchasing manager for a local grocery store chain. The purchasing manager complains about a product.You realize that the grocery store chain might benefit from a product that you sell. Before departing, you exchange business cards.You need to track the information from the business card and the conversation by using Dynamics CRM.Which type of record should you create? A.    taskB.    quoteC.    leadD.    opportunity Answer: B QUESTION 73You create a personal dashboard that tracks important sales information. Your manager wants all of the users in the company to use the dashboard.You need to recommend a method to make the dashboard available to all of the users. The solution must minimize effort. What should you recommend? A.    Export the definitions of the dashboard components, and then import the components.B.    Ask an administrator to recreate the dashboard as a system dashboard.C.    Ask an administrator to share the dashboard with all of the users.D.    Edit the properties of the dashboard, and then assign the dashboard. Answer: C QUESTION 74You have a Dynamics CRM organization that is configured to use Microsoft SharePoint server-based integration for document management.You need to identify which two components that can be integrated with CRM require SharePoint server-based integration.Which two components should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Microsoft YammerB.    Microsoft OneDrive for BusinessC.    Microsoft Office GraphD.    Microsoft Social EngagementE.     Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Answer: BD QUESTION 75Recently, you lost several opportunities to the same competitor.You want to start tracking lost opportunities.You need to identify what information about the competitor can be retrieved from Dynamics CRM.What two pieces of information should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    the opportunities at risk to the competitorB.    the projected revenue of the competitorC.    the value of each opportunity lost to the competitorD.    the stakeholders of the competitor Answer: AB QUESTION 76You have a quote named Quote1that originates from an opportunity named Opp1. Quote1 is approved by a customer.You need to create an order record, close the quote, and close the opportunity records. What should you do? A.    From the quote, click Close Quote.B.    From the quote, click Create Order.C.    From the opportunity, change the status.D.    From the opportunity, click Close as Won. Answer: A QUESTION 77You have a quote named Quote1that is sent to a customer.The customer approves the quote.You generate an order from Quote1.You need to identify the status of the order.What should you identify? A.    ReadyB.    DraftC.    ActiveD.    CanceledE.    Invoiced Answer: A QUESTION 78You have a custom currency that has a precision of 4.You need to identify how the current.What should you identify? A.    3.333B.    8.5648C.    36.77D.    9999 Answer: C QUESTION 79You need to identify what occurs when you assign a goal. What should you identify? A.    The user responsible for meeting the goal changes.B.    The goal is added as a child to a parent goal.C.    The goal becomes the parent goal of another goal.D.    The user responsible for managing the goal changes. Answer: C QUESTION 80You need to ensure that a volume discount for a product named Product1 is applied automatically when a quote contains 10 or more units of Product1.What should you use? A.    the product properties.B.    a discount list.C.    the percent of margin pricing method.D.    the percent of list pricing method.E.    price list items. Answer: C Lead2pass is now here to help you with your MB2-713 exam certification problems. Because we are the best MB2-713 exam questions training material providing vendor, all of our candidates get through MB2-713 exam without any problem. 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