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(Choose two) A.    When accessing mainly single recordsB.    When accessing by secondary keyC.    When accessing using the left-justified part of the keyD.    When accessing always by primary keyE.    When accessing by indexAnswer: AD QUESTION 102How is an ABAP program with several dialog steps executed? A.    The program is always executed in just one dialog work process without roll out.B.    The ABAP dispatcher takes over the entire execution without assigning any work process.C.    The program is always executed in just one dialog work process with roll out.D.    Usually, dialog steps are assigned to different dialog work processes. Answer: D QUESTION 103What is mandatory for automatic data transport between a variable and an input field on a classical screen (dynpro)? A.    The variable must be declared using the DATA statement.B.    The property OUTPUT of the input field must be set.C.    The variable must be declared using the TABLES statement.D.    The name of the variable and the name of the input field must be identical. Answer: D QUESTION 104You have defined a classical screen (dynpro) with mandatory input fields. You want to exit the screen using the Cancel button even if not all of the mandatory fields have been filled.What is necessary to achieve this? A.    Set the function type assigned to the Cancel button to S and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND.B.    Assign function type E to the Cancel button and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND.C.    Set the function code assigned to the Cancel button to CANCEL and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND.D.    Use the LOOP AT SCREEN. ... ENDLOOP statement to set the "required" property of the input fields to zero. Answer: B QUESTION 105To which of the following must you assign newly created SAP repository objects? A.    Transport taskB.    Transport requestC.    PackageD.    Function group Answer: C QUESTION 106Which assignment will lead to a conversion error? A.    An XSTRING type data object to a STRING type data object DATA. gv_xstring TYPE xstring, gv_string TYPE string. gv_xstring = 'AF00'. gv_string = gv_xstring.B.    A type C data object with the value '123' to a type C data object with length 2 DATA. gv_c3(3) TYPE c VALUE '123', gv_c2(2) TYPE c. gv_c2 = gv_c3.C.    A type P data object to a type F data objectDATA. gv_p TYPE p VALUE '15000', gv_f TYPE f. gv_f = gv_p.D.    A type C data object with the value '1.50E4' to a type I data object DATA. gv_c(6) TYPE c VALUE '1.50E4', gv_i TYPE i. gv_i = gv_c. Answer: D QUESTION 107You display the content of an internal table using an ALV Grid Control. The content of the internal table changes during the program. Which CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class method can you use to display the changed content? A.    REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PAIB.    REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PBOC.    SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPALY in module PBOD.    SET_TABLE_ FOR_ FIRST_ DISPALY in module PAI Answer: B QUESTION 108A structure has enhancement category 3: Can be enhanced (character type).Which set of elementary type is allowed for the new fields? A.    C,D,N,TB.    D,I,SRTIRNG,TC.    C,D,N,XD.    F,I,P,X Answer: A QUESTION 109You define a generic variable that can hold the ABAP types C,D,N,STRING and T. You want to restrict the use of other ABAP types. Which generic data type must you use in the definition? A.    CLIKEB.    SIMPLEC.    DATAD.    CSEQUENCE Answer: A QUESTION 110Which of the following are key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver? (Choose three) A.    Supply Chain ManagementB.    Information IntegrationC.    People IntegrationD.    Application PlatformE.    Enterprise Resource Planning Answer: BCD We highly recommend our C_TAW12_740 dumps. Comparing with others', GreatExam is the most credible and authentic source of information on C_TAW12_740 exam and we strive to keep our C_TAW12_740 dumps up-to-date and reliable on a consistent basis. Our exam preparation material is rich in variety. We offer C_TAW12_740 PDF format and C_TAW12_740 practice test with free VCE player. 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